7-Week Italian Prepositions Challenge

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7-Week Italian Prepositions Challenge

The 7-Week Italian Prepositions Challenge encourages laser-like focus for understanding prepositions through weekly lessons, exercises, and audio recordings.


Tired of making the same, frustrating mistakes with prepositions?

You’ve been to Italian classes, currently have a 62-day streak on Duolingo, and listen to Pimsleur as often as you can on your 30-minute drive to work.

But even with all of that commitment, whenever you write or speak in Italian you make mistakes with prepositions and they're usually the same repeat offenders.

You want to understand how to use them the right way, but you don’t know where to start and wonder if it's really going to be worth your time.

When most students think of prepositions, they don't typically consider them as something that will improve how well they can speak the language.

The truth?

Prepositions are EVERYWHERE in the language, and you usually can't go a sentence without using 1, 2 or even 5 of them.

A few years ago, before this challenge existed, I spent hours every day surrounded by Italian and still made frustrating mistakes with prepositions.

I knew I needed to focus on them, but the only solution on the market was an exercise book that made me yawn every time I turned the page.

Like me, you’re motivated & passionate about filling in the gaps of your grammar education in Italian. You're tired of it always feeling like a struggle or like some big mountain you're being forced to climb.

You’re ready for an approach that helps you break down the huge mountain into tiny, bite-sized pieces so they can FINALLY start making sense to you.

Testimonial for Prepositions Challenge


That’s why I created the 7-Week Italian Prepositions Challenge.

Cher HaleMy name is Cher, and I created the 7-Week Italian Prepositions Challenge to offer Italian students a less intimidating + easier-to-digest way to understand how to use prepositions so they could stop guessing and start knowing. Sooner or later, every Italian learner who glosses over prepositions (or had a well-intentioned teacher gloss over them) begins to realize that they don’t understand when and how to use them because the rules always seem to be changing. Those small 2 and 3-letter words end up interrupting the flow of their conversations, making them hesitate to say a sentence, and generally being a pain in the culo.

This is because prepositions are intertwined with so many other aspects of the language, like vocabulary and sentence structure.

In the prepositions challenge, I help you become more aware of the language by working through real-life situations. Each situation highlights prepositions and offers prompts and exercises to put them into use.

When you take advantage of these tools, you’ll be able to stop guessing which preposition to use and start knowing which one would be the best fit. That leads to more fluid conversations that aren't interrupted by the same, consistent mistakes.

Process of the Prepositions Challenge


It’s time to stop…

  • Being corrected constantly by teachers and friends
  • Making the same mistakes over & over even though you thought you knew the "rules"
  • Feeling lost about how to improve besides hoping to magically absorb how to use prepositions
  • Being confused by when to use prepositions on their own, like “a” versus their longer forms, like “alla” or “agli”
  • Sounding unnatural in Italian because you keep translating word-to-word from English

And start…

  • Correcting yourself before a teacher or a friend does it
  • Breaking bad habits because you finally connect knowing the rules and using them
  • Feeling focused as a result of a timeline, exercises & opportunities for review
  • Being aware of when to use prepositions alone, like “di” versus their longer forms, like “dei” or “delle”
  • Understanding the real meanings behind prepositions in Italian without using English as a crutch
  • Getting clarity when you're confused because you're able to ask questions and get feedback


What People Are Saying About the Challenge

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Want to take the first week of the challenge?

Click here.

Did you know that making mistakes with prepositions comes from 3 areas?

1.) You don't know how to use prepositions. (I know. I'll stop being Captain Obvious now.) What's even more obvious to you at this point is that they differ A LOT from how we use them in English.

2.) You're not familiar with fixed phrases or vocabulary words in Italian that use prepositions, like "vestito da bagno - bathing suit" or "pensare A qualcuno - to think ABOUT someone"

3.) You're not sure how to correctly put sentences in Italian together. (Like where does "da" go and WHY IN THE WORLD does it go there?)

But when you tackle prepositions, you’re actually tackling all three.

You get super focused and, as a result, you make progress and you remember more of what you learn. 

Participants from the challenge said:

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.) What if I’m a beginner in Italian? Can I take the challenge?

If you mean you just started learning Italian last week, I wouldn’t recommend it. You need to be able to put basic sentences together, like “I am going to the store” or “I am eating pasta”.

2.) I’m worried about using my credit card on your site. How do I know it’s safe?

The security of your information is something I take very seriously, and I hope it helps alleviate your concerns to know that I use secure hosting on the site AND I have a security certificate implemented for the checkout process.

3.) I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep up with the challenge. Should I still do it?

Non preoccuparti! {Don’t worry!}

If life gets in the way, as it often does, you’ll have access to the lessons forever and forever since you're downloading them all to your computer. 

4.) Can I buy the challenge now and do it later?

YEP, you'll have access to this challenge for the rest of forever.

5.) How much time will this take?

It takes 20-35 minutes every couple of days over seven weeks. As long as you complete the lessons during the week, you can choose which days and at what times you do them. We focus on consistent action over a longer period of time so you can get the most from these lessons. Bite-sized actions lead up to big results.

6.) How do I know that this challenge will work for me?

Great question! Haha. You don’t.

Beyond that, the only way you’ll know is if you try.

To start, you can try the first week of the challenge by clicking this link. The cost? On the house.

To get a feel for how I teach, read the articles I've written so far about prepositions:

-- Simple Prepositions in Italian (or Why the Smallest Words Hurt the Most)

-- Articulated Prepositions in Italian (or the Baby Makin' Magic that Happens When an Article Marries a Preposition)

-- 3 Unexpected Places Where You Must Use the Preposition "In"

-- 3 Unexpected Places Where You Must Use the Preposition "Da"

7.) How is the challenge delivered?

You'll be given a folder with all of the lessons and workbooks to download to however many devices you like. Then, if you want, you can print them out. 

8.) Is there audio provided with this challenge?

YES. Each lesson is centered around a real-life dialogue recorded by a native speaker so you can practice listening, learn commonly-used vocabulary, and get a feel for how prepositions are used in real life.

9.) No offense, Cher…but you’re not a native Italian speaker. How do I know that all of this information is accurate?

While I put together all of the information in the creation stages, the truly valuable work was done by my team of editors who are native Italian speakers. This content has been edited for errors over a period of two years. They’ve vetted the information ruthlessly and as a result, the Italian you’ll be learning is not only free of errors, but also up-to-date and useful for everyday conversation.

To see their pretty faces and read more about them, go here –> Meet the Team

10.) What if I realllllllly dislike the challenge? Can I get my money back?

Yes! But there are some conditions.

You have to wait at least twenty-one days into the challenge and do the exercises fully within each lesson. If those conditions have been met and you can show my team your work, I will happily refund you minus a 5% processing fee.

Email happiness@icebergproject.co with the subject line “I want to drop out of the prepositions challenge’ to inquire about a refund.