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The 10-Day Italian Pronouns Challenge offer students a less complicated & more interesting way to learn pronouns so they can stop guessing and start knowing. 


Pronouns were getting in my way every time I tried to use Italian.

While I used to tell myself that I was comfortable speaking Italian, I knew I had my fair share of roadblocks to overcome before I could really feel truly comfortable -- in reading, writing, speaking, & listening.

One of those roadblocks had always been understanding & using pronouns correctly.

After three years of learning the language, I still had no idea what the differences between direct & indirect objects were (or why they mattered).

What's more, I was hopeless at using little words like "ne" and "ci". (Yep, these are pronouns, too.)

Since I wasn't clear on why or how to use them, I would find myself stalling in conversations, scratching my head, and letting a very awkward silence enter while I thought of which pronoun to use and where to put it.

After one too many awkward attempts to write an email using no pronouns (god forbid if they were double object) or have a conversation while saying "Luca" again and again instead of the pronoun, I knew it was time to make an effort to learn them.

So I did. I took a chunk of time out of my normal studies to really crack down and understand them.

And while nobody can be 100% perfect at using them, I feel ultra-confident with them now, and I also feel like I've checked off an annoying task that's been on my to-do list for years.

I have a feeling that you want to check pronouns off of your to-do list just as much as I did.​

Like me, you suspect you have holes in your grammar education.​

In fact, your last teacher probably glossed over pronouns so quickly that you barely had time to turn the page of your textbook.

But now that you're learning on your own and so crazy passionate about speaking Italian, you know that guessing & hoping aren't going to cut it.

Instead of avoiding pronouns, you're ready to avoid awkward silences and feel more comfortable saying whatever you want in Italian.

It's time to stop:

  • Feeling frustrated because you can't say something as simple as "it" or "give it to him" in Italian
  • Seeing a confused Italian face as you mix up your indirect & direct object pronouns
  • Being embarrassed when you say "to her" instead of "to him" in reference to your friend
  • Stalling the conversation to carefully choose the right pronoun
  • Avoiding using pronouns when speaking and sounding choppy and unnatural as a result

And start:

  • Feeling comfortable using pronouns to tie your sentences together (including "ne" and "ci") 
  • Knowing confidently how and where to use indirect, direct, and double object pronouns
  • Being sure that you're not referring to your friend as a girl instead of a guy
  • Taking a step toward having conversations where using pronouns feels natural
  • Focusing on more complex pieces of the language because pronouns will be out of the way



This challenge as a real eye-opener as to how much more I need to learn about these important parts of the Italian language. In the various Italian courses I have taken, I look back and see now that pronouns were sort of glossed over and never really explained well. In my class readings, I now see the pronouns jumping off the page! I am far from being an expert -- I might still mix up 'ti' or 'te,' but I'm much more secure in my knowledge of Italian pronouns thatn I was before this challenge began."

-- Lynn (Beginner Learner)


That's why I created the 10-Day Italian Pronouns Challenge.

My name is Cher, and I created the 10-Day Italian Pronouns Challenge to offer students a less complicated & more interesting way to learn pronouns so they could stop guessing and start knowing.

Language learners, just like you, often get stuck at a level they could’ve passed months before just because they’ve let a few pieces of the grammar hold them back.

If you’re struggling, it’s not because you’re bad at learning languages.​


I’ve seen so many students, like myself, get stuck because simple concepts like pronouns were never fully explained to them. 

In the 10-Day Italian Pronouns Challenge, you’ll be guided through when, why and how to use pronouns in bite-sized lessons that you can easily fit into your schedule.

Along the way, you’ll be given practice exercises and memory-enhancement strategies to cement what you’ve learned into your long-term memory.

When you take advantage of a resource like this, you’ll be more confident writing messages to your Italian friends, making small talk with the taxi driver, and understanding what you've read in your Italian friend's Facebook post.



I've just completed the challenge today and I've really enjoyed it. I feel more confident identifying pronouns, understanding what they refer to and mean, and using them in writing. Speaking is still going to be a challenge... but I'm sure with time -- like everything else in learning a language -- it will become more natural. 

This challenge has given me a good grounding, and I need to actively practice them to make them stick. Thank you for all the effort you've put into this, Cher."

-- Susan (Beginner Learner)



  • Daily Emails || Over a period of eleven days, you'll receive ten emails with links to lessons. This format helps to keep your studies consistent and reduces overwhelm.
  • Easy-to -Understand Explanations || Within each lesson, you'll find explanations, examples, and exercises to solidify what you're learning.
  • Feedback || Unlike other resources that leave your questions unanswered, this challenge offers space for you to review past students' questions and answers. When your question isn't answered from that section, all you have to do is email me at cher@icebergproject.co. 



I really liked the challenge. It was great practice, and I feel much more comfortable in several areas that I was unsure about before I started."

-- Sally (Intermediate Learner)


In the beginner track, you'll learn:

  • ​Why students often make mistakes with indirect object pronouns
  • How to tell indirect and direct object pronouns apart
  • Which verbs are typically used with indirect object pronouns (hint: at least 5 of these will take you by surprise)
  • Where to place pronouns in sentences so you sound natural & are understood
  • How to use pronouns in the past tense
  • How to use pronouns in the imperative
  • Which method to use to put pronouns into your long-term memory
  • How to use the misunderstood pronoun "ci"
  • What pronominal verbs are & why you must learn them to fully understand what Italians are saying
  • How to start using double-object pronouns in Italian (these trip learners up ALL of the time) 

In the intermediate track, you'll learn:

  • ​Why students often make mistakes with indirect object pronouns
  • How to easily tell indirect & direct object pronouns apart
  • How to use double-object pronouns in a variety of situations
  • Which exercise will  help you think in Italian instead of always translating from English first
  • How to use the tricky pronouns "ci" and "ne"
  • Which verbs are typically used with indirect object pronouns (hint: at least 5 of these will take you by surprise)
  • When "si" is a pronoun...and when it isn't (hint: this "si" is used constantly in everyday Italian speech)
  • Which method to use to put pronouns into your long-term memory
  • What pronominal verbs are & why you must learn them to fully understand what Italians are saying


See a sample from the beginner track by clicking here.


You'll also get...


In this challenge, while learning pronouns will be your main focus, you'll also practice your listening & translation skills with our original dialogues recorded by native speakers. The dialogues have two speeds - normal rate and a slower rate - so you never feel lost in a sea of Italian words.


Once you decide that this is the challenge for you, you'll be sent a link to a quiz that will place you in either the beginner/upper beginner or intermediate/upper intermediate level. This way you can benefit from exercises and explanations that are appropriate to where you're currently at in Italian.


"This was a great review."

"This was a great review. I can never go over grammar too often. Double pronouns still give me a bit of trouble like "gliene" or "gliela" since the indirect object is feminine. Also, I don’t have an opportunity to speak them often enough. Overall the course was given at a great pace without an overwhelming amount of work to do. I could easily fit it into my schedule. Thanks. I look forward to your next challenge. It is always fun."

-- Linda (intermediate learner)



1.) Are the lessons explained in Italian or English? 

All of the lessons are explained in English although there are plenty of examples in Italian.

2.) I don’t want to pay on your website. Can I use PayPal?

Of course you can! There will be an option on the checkout page to use PayPal instead.

3.) No offense, Cher…but you’re not a native Italian speaker. How do I know that all of this information is accurate?

While I put together all of the information in the creation stages, the truly valuable work was done by my team of editors who are native Italian speakers. This content has been edited for errors over a period of two years. They’ve vetted the information ruthlessly and as a result, the Italian you’ll be learning is not only free of errors, but also up-to-date and useful for everyday conversation.

To see their pretty faces and read more about them, go here –> Meet the Team

4.) Is there audio provided with this challenge?

YES. Each lesson is centered around a real-life dialogue recorded by a native speaker so you can practice listening, learn commonly-used vocabulary, and get a feel for how prepositions are used in real life.

5.) What if I realllllllly dislike the challenge? Can I get my money back?

Unfortunately I don't offer any refunds on digital products. HOWEVER, you can decide pretty quickly if it's for you by checking out this sample here
6.) How is the challenge delivered?

You'll be given a folder with all of the lessons and workbooks to download to however many devices you like. Then, if you want, you can print them out. 

7.) Can I buy the challenge now and do it later?

YEP, you'll have access to this challenge for the rest of forever.

8.) I’m worried that I won’t be able to keep up with the challenge. Should I still do it?

Non preoccuparti! {Don’t worry!}

If life gets in the way, as it often does, you’ll have access to the lessons forever and forever since you're downloading them all to your computer.