10 Day Italian Pronouns Challenge

The Iceberg Project - Italian

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The 10-Day Italian Pronouns Challenge offer students a less complicated & more interesting way to learn pronouns so they can stop guessing and start knowing. 


Pronouns were getting in my way every time I tried to use Italian.

While I used to tell myself that I was comfortable speaking Italian, I knew I had my fair share of roadblocks to overcome before I could really feel truly comfortable -- in reading, writing, speaking, & listening.

One of those roadblocks had always been understanding & using pronouns correctly.

After three years of learning the language, I still had no idea what the differences between direct & indirect objects were (or why they mattered).

What's more, I was hopeless at using little words like "ne" and "ci". (Yep, these are pronouns, too.)

Since I wasn't clear on why or how to use them, I would find myself stalling in conversations, scratching my head, and letting a very awkward silence enter while I thought of which pronoun to use and where to put it.

After one too many awkward attempts to write an email using no pronouns (god forbid if they were double object) or have a conversation while saying "Luca" again and again instead of the pronoun, I knew it was time to make an effort to learn them.

So I did. I took a chunk of time out of my normal studies to really crack down and understand them.

And while nobody can be 100% perfect at using them, I feel ultra-confident with them now, and I also feel like I've checked off an annoying task that's been on my to-do list for years.

I have a feeling that you want to check pronouns off of your to-do list just as much as I did.

Like me, you suspect you have holes in your grammar education.

In fact, your last teacher probably glossed over pronouns so quickly that you barely had time to turn the page of your textbook.

But now that you're learning on your own and so crazy passionate about speaking Italian, you know that guessing & hoping aren't going to cut it.

Instead of avoiding pronouns, you're ready to avoid awkward silences and feel more comfortable saying whatever you want in Italian.