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Italian Study Group

In one month, I’ll be landing at the Florence Airport to co-host the Not Your Typical Tourist Language Immersion Retreat.

Aaaaand I gotta’ be honest, my Italian conversational skill level is… less than desirable. That’s why I thought it might be both cool + useful if I created a virtual Italian study group that started on the 9th and ended when the retreat ends.

I realize that study groups should typically be ongoing, but this is an experiment. Because I used to be really awesome at studying on my own and keeping myself accountable… but um, I guess not anymore, haha.

So here’s what I’m thinking. In order for us all to:

  • Study more frequently
  • Study more consistently
  • Improve Italian conversational skills

… despite busy careers, demanding children (or partners! Haha), or just pure, unadulterated laziness...

I want to create a smallish study group of 88 people.

Then, we’ll follow these three steps like the diligent students we are:

1) We all commit to a certain amount of time to study every day, like 30 minutes.

2) Every three days, via a podcast episode sent over email, I’ll send study updates with resources used, vocabulary and phrases learned, frustrations I ran into. Then you can send me yours via email, too.

31) If you’d like, you can join the private Italian Study Facebook Group, but if you don’t use Facebook, that’s okay too. It’s not obligatory. I’ll post the podcast episodes there, too.

Plus, you’ll get an inside peek into how I study Italian now. Ooooh, the intrigue!

I’m limiting the number to 88 people because I can only read so many study updates every few days! I can already imagine the veeeery abundant inbox I’m going to have this month 😅

Interested in joining? It’s just $8 for the month. Grab your spot in the study group now.

Registration will close on Tuesday, March 10th, but I anticipate this selling out in just a couple of days, so if you’re really about it, get your spot now.