Not Your Typical Tourist Phrasebook / Workbook

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Not Your Typical Tourist Phrasebook / Workbook

This guide will help you feel more at ease in everyday situations, feel safer navigating Italy, and let you connect with a side of Italy that typical tourists rarely see.


Worried you won't know enough Italian for this year's trip?

Here’s how you can speak Italian well enough to feel independent, feed yourself, and avoid disaster

I know you're not the typical tourist.

While millions of tourists make their way to Italy each year in search of the Leaning Tower of Pisa,you find yourself drawn there for love -- whether that's family, a significant other, or an inexplicable pull toward il bel paese.

Of course you want to see the Colosseum, but you also want to fold yourself into the fabric of everyday life by drinking espressos shoulder to shoulder in bars in Rome and getting lost only to find hole-in-the-wall trattorias with Italians willing to chat with you for an afternoon.

But as much as you don't want to be the ugly tourist asking everyone if they speak English, you're finding it difficult to learn the language to the level you'd like for your trip.

In fact, the overwhelm of how much there is to learn compared to the time you have left has been the #1 demotivator for you.

Trust me when I tell you that you're not the only one who feels this way.

It's happened to the most passionate of language learners, including myself.

Ready to take another approach?

It's time to stop...

-- Being worried about getting lost and not understanding the directions given to you

-- Feeling scattered about which phrases are most critical to learn

-- Wondering which is more important between studying grammar and vocabulary

-- Being self-conscious about understanding what Italians are saying

-- Worrying about your mind going blank when the time comes to speak Italian

And start...

-- Being confident that you can get what you want in simple situations, like ordering a good meal or getting directions

-- Looking forward to surprising Italians with how well you can get by in Italian

-- Knowing exactly what to learn within the time you have left until your trip

-- Exercising your listening skills so you can get the gist of what's being said -- even if you don't know every word

That's why I created the Not Your Typical Tourist Workbook.

My name is Cher, and I created the Not Your Typical Tourist Workbook to offer lovers of Italy a way to learn exactly what they need to know for their next trip minus the overwhelm. This workbook isn’t just about learning phrases or how to pronounce words.

It’s about learning enough Italian to create deeper connections in a country you’ve fallen head-over-heels for.

In the workbook, we do that by working through sections complete with sample dialogues, phrases, travel tips, cocktail party facts and exercises guaranteed to help you focus on what’s most relevant for your trip.

When you take advantage of these tools, your studies will be more focused, your anxiety about speaking reduced, and your confidence in how well you can get by on your own will increase.

Want to take a peek inside?

Sample of Not Your Typical Tourist Workbook-1

Sample of Not Your Typical Tourist Workbook-2
Sample of Not Your Typical Tourist Workbook-3
Sample of Not Your Typical Tourist Workbook-4

What's included in the guide?

Pronunciation (Or How to Be Understood By Italians) 

Exploring Italy

-- By Metro, train, bus, taxi, and airplane

-- Renting a Car

-- Senior & Disabled Travelers

-- Traveling with Children

-- Sightseeing

Cash Money, Honey

-- Exchanging Currency

-- Withdrawing Money

All About Accommodation

-- Booking Accommodation

-- Renting an Apartment


-- Groceries

-- Clothing

Staying Connected

-- Phone

-- Internet

-- Post Office

Buying, Ordering & Eating Food

-- Eating at a Restaurant

-- Making a Reservation

-- Ordering To Go

Having Genuine Conversations

All Emergencies - Getting Lost, Ambulance-Worthy Injuries, and Creepy People

Soaking Up the Nightlife

Getting Intimate 

The Loveliness of Italian Grammar

Ready to be excited about learning again?

This isn’t just a package on how to say phrases to survive in Italy. It’s guided and consistent practice with Italian so you can get what you need as a traveler, enjoy a trip off of the beaten path, and make connections that will last you a lifetime. 

When you get the Not Your Typical Tourist Workbook, you're declaring that settling for phrases that barely get you by isn't enough anymore.

You’re ready to experience more of what Italy has to offer.


Is the workbook only digital?

Yes, for now, the phrasebook and workbook are only digitally delivered.

That being said, the workbook is easy to download and print out if you prefer to fill out the exercises by hand.

What's more, having it digitally offers you the chance to view the phrasebook on your iPhone or tablet, and you can use the search feature to find phrases quickly.

How do I know the Italian is accurate?

This phrasebook is in its 3rd edition and has been corrected by a handful of native speakers including Anna Ferrari, Maria Assunta Marseglia, and Stefania Greci. You can read more about the team of editors here. 

What audio is included?

Audio that has been recorded by native speakers is included for all of the dialogues, but not for any of the individual phrases. However, pronunciation is included for both the phrases and dialogues.

Can I return it if I don't like it?

You sure can. Well, I mean, it's digital... so not really. But here's what I'll do. If you don't feel like it helps you prepare for your trip, I'll refund the $25 and you can keep the  workbook, too.